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Hurricane Fan Light - The Loading Systems Hurricane Light NG increases safety by ventilating and illuminating the entire length of the trailer and improves the working environment in and around the trailer by cooling your operatives during hot weather conditions.

Hurricane Fan Light


Corner seals

Corner seals - The Loading Systems corner seals improve sealing at the bottom of the curtain dock shelters. When a vehicle docks the cushions will be pushed together and will follow the movement of the docked vehicle. When a vehicle docks off centre and the curtain dock shelter hinges backwards the cushions will follow the movement of the dock shelters frame.


Dock bumpers - A dock bumper protects your building and vehicles from getting damaged. Dock bumpers are fixed to the warehouse wall and on each side of the dock leveller. With our extensive range of dock bumpers, we always have a solution that fits your needs.

Dock bumpers


Dock lights

Dock lights - The Loading Systems LED dock light is used to illuminate the full length of truck trailers. These dock lights increase safety during loading and unloading.


Dock number plates - The loading and unloading process can be simplified by marking the individual docks with number-signs.

Dock number plates
Dock stairs

Dock stairs - Dock stairs are used to enter the building through a pass door when the warehouse floor is higher than the loading yard. It is practical to build entrances between load and unloading stations for trucks. With the Loading Systems dock stairs, personnel can have easy access from the platform and the hall.


Road markings - Road markings are fixed to the surface of your loading yard. Road markings are used on loading yards with high density traffic. Road markings are available in a normal version and a version with LED-lights. The built-on road markings are designed to withstand lorry wheel load.

Road markings


Safety bollards

Safety bollards - The robust Loading Systems safety bollards provide optimal protection around your loading and unloading area. The new safety bollards protect doors, walls, loading and loading areas, machinery and racks and are suitable for extreme loads. Also, the safety bollards are suitable for the protection of work areas.


Safety fences - The Loading Systems safety fences may be used around the loading and unloading platform to “mark” dangerous areas and to protect personnel as well as material.

Safety fences


Safety mirrors

Safety mirrors - The new, sustainable Loading Systems safety mirrors provide optimal safety around your loading and unloading area. The Loading Systems safety mirrors can be easily installed in every place with limited visibility and at risk of accidental collisions, inside or outside.


Tail lift seal - The Loading Systems tail lift seal provides optimum protection of the tail lift opening. The Loading Systems tail lift seal protects the letterbox opening underneath the dock leveller against draft and litter. The seal also provides extra protection against pests.

Tail lift seal


Traffic lights

Traffic lights - Clear LED traffic lights provide optimal signalling. Traffic lights increase safety around the loading and unloading area. Traffic lights can easily be connected to the dock leveller, inflatable dock shelter, or industrial door control units.


Wheel guides - Wheel guides enable vehicles to dock in the exact middle of the dock and door opening. This prevents vehicles from damaging each other or the building. Wheel guides are especially recommended in combination with wide dock levellers and curtain or inflatable dock shelters because in these situations precise positioning of the vehicle is even more important.

Wheel guides