High-speed sectional door; the sustainable solution for your business

Saving energy is one of the most discussed topics these days. But how can you easily save energy? A Loading Systems high-speed sectional overhead door will more than pay for itself in the long run.… CONTINUE READING
30/09/2022 By: administrator

Sustainable building: number one on the facilities agenda

The Paris climate objectives confront the logistics sector with a major challenge: by 2050, transport and logistics must be at least six times more efficient! It is therefore not surprising that… CONTINUE READING
15/09/2022 By: administrator

Sustainable building with BIM: All you need to know

Sustainable building is a broad concept. Sustainable building takes into account the effects on the environment. This already happens in the design phase up to the construction, rebuilding,… CONTINUE READING
02/06/2022 By: administrator

Green is something you have to do! See how our overhead doors can contribute to this

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the world. This also applies to companies. An overhead door offers a solution! The overhead door is an important aspect of business premises.… CONTINUE READING
01/06/2022 By: administrator

The energy-saving inflatable dock shelter makes a difference!

The optimum loading bay is safe, efficient, but also sustainable. A dock shelter is of great importance here as it provides optimum sealing. The latest generation inflatable dock shelter offers the… CONTINUE READING
01/05/2022 By: administrator