Introducing the New Stepped Dock Safety Fence

We strive to continuously improve our products and as such are proud to introduce our new safety fence, specially designed for a stepped dock configuration.



22/11/2020 By: T Bennett

Why you can place your trust in our high-speed doors

Industrial doors are likely to rank highly on your priority list for the loading bay equipment you need, with… CONTINUE READING

03/10/2020 By: T Bennett

A good maintenance routine is essential to keeping you operational


At busy times you don’t want your loading bays or industrial doors to breakdown!


During the Covid-19 crisis Loading Systems have been invaluable in ensuring our… CONTINUE READING

06/07/2020 By: T Bennett

Ensuring Loading Bay Safety At All Times

Every day around the world, workers are seriously, or worse, fatally injured as a result of avoidable occupational accidents.


Last year, in the EU alone, over 2 million non-… CONTINUE READING

01/06/2020 By: T Bennett

Are your warehouse colleagues all hot and bothered?

Warehouse operatives benefit enormously during hot weather from our Hurricane Dock Fan-Light when installed adjacent to the loading bay door.


Safety is improved for your… CONTINUE READING

26/05/2020 By: T Bennett