Dotcom Deliveries

Dotcom TestimonialIn this sector, multiple vehicle types are the norm. There are huge operational efficiencies to be gained from being able to unload goods from a trailer at a regional depot, change the configuration of the dock and then load a van for local delivery.

Ocado recently occupied a site in Milton Keynes that had previously been used by another operator which meant adapting the space to fit Ocado’s specific needs.

Easilift Loading Systems manufactured and supplied two dock shelters and five van docks (mini dock levellers) that could be used with the smaller Ocado home delivery vans. We also installed internal fridge doors within the chiller storage areas. This was a complex project requiring a bespoke solution to facilitate variable gradients in the external service yard. The solutions installed also included two bespoke scissors lifts (lifting platforms) which were specified to Ocado’s unique operational loading and unloading activity.



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