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At Fine Foods in Abergavenny, it was vital that the internal temperature remained at plus 3 degrees. Our inflatable shelters provided an effective seal to minimise the impact of changing atmospheric conditions as well as external contaminants such as dirt, rodents or smells, irrespective of the type of vehicle being used. We also installed high speed sectional doors to help maintain the temperature within the building and also reduce energy costs.

We are also working with Aldi to install dock equipment to their exact specifications both for new build stores and at sites where existing space is being adapted to suit their needs.


"We re-launched our Carlisle store this morning 22nd December at 8am, following the devastating floods we experienced on 6th December. I would like to personally thank you on behalf of the business, for the support and lengths that you and your business went to enabling us to get the store open for the residents of Carlisle. The feedback from within our business and customer’s alike has been one of amazement.  The colleagues and residents of Carlisle have a store to be proud of and this could not have been done without your support and hard work."

Store Manager, Major UK Supermarket


"Excellent engineers – clean, tidy, accomplished.  No problems with work, very obliging."  

Food Production Manager, KP Snacks