Protection Systems

The area around the loading bay can be a dangerous working zone. Vehicles have been known to drive-off and/or creep away from the loading bay while the vehicle is still being loaded. When this happens the resulting consequences can lead to serious injuries.

  • Safe loading and unloading
  • Protect co-workers & goods


Product Accreditations


Which protection systems does Loading Systems offer?

Vehicle restraint system

Fully automatic vehicle restraint system to prevent both drive-off and creeping.

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Dock management system

Loading Systems Dock Management System, jointly developed by Loading Systems and Traka, is a unique, easily installed and affordable solution to prevent vehicles driving away from the loading bay before the dock doors have been safely closed. It can easily be retro-fitted to existing control systems as well as being specified on new installations. Loading Systems Dock Management System is recognised by ROSPA as been an effective accident prevention solution that improves safety in the warehouse environment.

Wheel Chocks

A manual alternative to increasing safety during loading and unloading. Available in a variety of models with or without sensors.

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