Preventative Maintenance

Taking out a Service Agreement with Loading Systems will futureproof the efficiency of your equipment and reduce the cost of ownership of your doors and loading bay equipment by minimising the need for expensive repairs or replacement parts.

At Loading Systems we pride ourselves on operating our Change Parts In Time (CPIT) programme as part of our PPM packages. This ensures that components with known life expectancies, such as hydraulic hoses and wearing parts, are replaced during service prior to any failure reducing the likelihood of costly downtime and ensuring the continuous, efficient and safe operation of your business. 

At Loading Systems we have 3 key objectives in supporting our customers:

  1. Minimise operational downtime

  2. Reduce maintenance costs

  3. Ensure Health and Safety compliance


"Our service delivery has also accelerated our growth. We consistently outperform our competitors in after-sales service, particularly through our 24/7 response times and high first fix rates which have reached 86%"

Rob Fay, Easilift Loading Systems


"All has gone very well as usual, your visiting engineers were punctual, polite and left the site in a good tidy fashion.  No doubt we will be a calling you again for any other requirements." 

MHE Manager, Tesco


Keep operational downtime to a minimum