Architects & Specifiers

Architects and Specifiers


How do we work with architects and specifiers?


We work closely with specifiers at the early stage of a project and provide technical advice and design support through the interchange of digital drawing files, generic CAD blocks and BIM files.

The design and engineering of construction projects has become highly digitalised in recent decades, with architects putting down their pencils and switching to the use of computers.

This is reflected in our own working process alongside architects and specifiers here at Loading Systems. 
Architects are able to use filters online to select a Loading Systems product – whether that may be a dock shelter, dock leveller, dock bumpers or any of a range of other items – to investigate how it may be used in their designs.


When working with Architects and Specifiers we consider:

  • The building
  • The environment
  • The operation
  • The products
  • The handling equipment
  • The transport


We develop solutions that work specifically for the customer which:

  • Improves the efficiency of the operation;
  • Speeds up throughput;
  • Reduces operational costs;
  • Ensures Health & Safety compliance


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Don’t hesitate to contact the Loading Systems team to learn more about how we serve architects’ and specifiers’ requirements for loading bay equipment, by calling 0800 160 1965.


Architects & Specifiers