Dock Bumpers

Rubber dock bumpers

Our rubber bumper is made of long lifespan, impact absorbing rubber. The bumpers are available in different sizes and models.

Dock bumpers with this icon are environmental-friendly.

PE dock bumpers 

These polyethene dock bumpers are very durable and environmentally friendly. After the lifetime the bumper can be crushed to granules again.

Lamella dock bumpers

Lamella dock bumpers are made out of galvanised steel angles. Impact absorbing rubber lamella is placed on the inside.

Extra strong dock bumper

We supply our extra strong dock bumper in demanding situations. The armoured dock bumper is supplied in different sizes.

Spring dock bumper

Spring dock bumpers assure maximum abrasion resistance and durability. The spring dock bumpers prolong your dock life.

Dock bumpers with this icon are environmental-friendly.

Nylon dock bumpers

Sliding nylon bumpers are very durable. The nylon block can be placed in different orientations and hence four times the lifespan of standard dock bumpers.

Adjustable rubber dock bumper

The vertical moving rubber dock bumper follows the upward and downward movements of the docked vehicle.

Adjustable extra strong dock bumper

The durable armoured dock bumpers are suitable for intensive use and follow the movement of the docked vehicle.

Jumbo dock bumper

Containers are often higher than the dock height. When a normal vehicle docks the special bumper heightening can be removed.

Stepped dock bumper

the stepped dock bumper is designed for our stepped dock solution. The stepped dock bumper can be lowered by foot once the vehicle is docked.

Shock-absorbing dock bumper

The shock-absorbing dock bumper reduced impact forces to 1/6 of the load. The bumper is available in different sizes.

Protection plates

Loading Systems dock bumpers have a long lifespan. This can even be expanded with the use of steel protection plates.