Durable, long lifespan and low maintenance

By only selecting the highest choice of materials and finishes, Loading Systems can guarantee optimal durability, safety and low maintenance.


Optimum safety

Every Loading Systems fire door is provided with the appropriate level of safety features. Our fire doors prevent dangerous situations that could cause physical injury as well as material damage.


User friendly

Every Loading Systems fire door is designed to form a perfect interface between your internal and external logistics with the maximum of operational ease. We even facilitate the building's architectural aspects.


What type of applications are available?

Fire rated overhead door

The fire rated overhead door is suitable for internal and external use.


Fire rated roller shutter

Fire rated roller shutters are ideal for large openings. This type of fire door can be used for internal and external applications.   


Fire rated roller screen

The fire rated roller screen is ideal for situations where restrictions for maximum weight apply. They are suitable as fire doors for larger openings and only for internal use.


Fire rated sliding door

This sliding fire door closes automatically in case of fire. These doors can seal off passages in your building and can be supplied with a fire escape door.


Fire/escape door

This automatically closing fire/escape door can be placed in fire-resistant walls and enable pedestrians to leave the building in case of fire. The door is suitable for internal and external applications and is available with single and double door wings.