Fire doors: improve the fire and the safety of your building

With fire rated doors, also known as fire-resistant doors, the fire and escape safety of a building can be optimised. Fire-resistant compartmentalisation is very important because the fire is restricted to a certain zone. This prevents the fire from spreading to several rooms

Advantages of fire resistant doors

Fire doors distinguish themselves with many advantages:

  • Creation of a safe escape route
  • Fire-resistant barrier
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor situations
  • For frequent use

Safety first with our fire doors

The effects of fire can be extremely destructive. Thus, fireresistant doors help to slow down the spread of fire. This gives colleagues in a building a life-saving advantage. But fire safety goes beyond fittingfirerateddoors. To ensure safety functions, regular maintenance is essential.

Features of our fire doors


Durable fire doors


Durable, long lifespan, and minimum maintenance

By selecting the best materials and finishes, Loading Systems can guarantee optimum durability, a long lifespan, and a product with a low maintenance requirement.


Optimum safety with fire-resistant doors


Optimal safety

Every Loading Systems fire door is provided with the appropriate quality safety features. Loading Systems fire doors prevent dangerous situations that could cause physical injury and material damage.


Fire doors easily operated



Every Loading Systems fire door is designed to form a perfect break between areas. This is with maximum ease of operation. We even facilitate architectural aspects of the building.


Various fire door types - effective fire fighting

At Loading Systems we have a wide range of fire resistant doors, so there is always a suitable fire door for every area of application.


Fire resistant hinged doors


Fire resistant hinged doors

These automatically closing fire resistant hinged doors can be installed in fire-resistant walls and enable pedestrians to escape from the building in the event of a fire. The door is suitable for internal and external applications with a single or double door.


Fire rated overhead doors


Fire rated overhead doors

Fire rated sectional doors offer the ideal solution for fire-safe sealing of compartmentalised premises. This is partly due to their high fire resistance. In addition, the fire-resistant overhead doors can be used both indoors and outdoors due to the high wind rating (up to wind class 5).


Fire rated sliding doors


Fire rated sliding doors

Fire rated sliding doors can be used in the most varied building situations and close automatically in the event of a fire. These doors can close off passages inside your building. Optionally, fire resistant sliding doors can be fitted with a hinged door.


Fire resistant roller shutters


Fire resistant roller shutters

Fire rated roller shutter doors are vertically operating roller doors for indoor and outdoor applications. The doors are suitable for daily use where the fire delay can be up to 240 minutes.


Fire resistant curtains


Fire resistant curtains

A fire resistant curtain, also known as a fire screen, can close a large opening within seconds in the event of a fire. The roller screen is made of a fire-resistant cloth which is ideal for hotels, public buildings, shops, and installation situations with limited space. The fire-resistant roller blinds are available in various fire resistance classes.



BIM objects: the solution for every challenge

With the fire door BIM model, you design the optimal loading bay easily, efficiently, and quickly. Get started right away and discover the best options for any kind of loading bay!

Download BIM-objects 

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