Safe loading and unloading

Beside continuously developing safe, reliable and effective loading bay solutions, we developed special products that make loading and unloading docked vehicles safer. These sophisticated protection systems, like our hydraulic Vehicle Restraint Systems, prevent vehicle creep and premature drive-off from happening.

A total solutions provider

There are all manner of safety issues that can arise with loading bay equipment such as dock shelters, dock houses, dock levellers and lifting platforms.

This is precisely why it is so crucial, regardless of your organisation’s sector, to only work with a well-established and widely trusted specialist in loading and unloading equipment.

With our history stretching back for over 50 years, we have a hard-won reputation across Europe and abroad here at Loading Systems.

Our commitment to safety extends from the initial design and specification of the loading bay products that we create for our clients, right through to the installation stage and our well-honed maintenance processes.

We really do provide the complete top-to-bottom solution for your loading bay, not least in how we carefully consider every measure we can adopt to keep the users of our loading bay equipment safe.