Our range of loading bay accessories

Dock levellers, dock shelters and industrial doors make up the loading and unloading system. They are crucial for your business. Do you want to prevent damage and accidents? Loading Systems offers a complete range of accessories for use on the inside or outside of the building during loading and unloading. The result? Increased safety and productivity and money saved.


Dock bumpers for the loading bay

Dock bumpers

Dock bumpers protect the building and vehicle from damage.


Wheel guides for the loading bay

Wheel guides

Wheel guides help vehicles to dock exactly in the middle of the dock.


Schamppalen om schade aan het laadperron te voorkomen

Safety bollards

Our safety bollards provide optimal protection around your loading bays; walls, doors, machines, etc.


Traffic light for the loading bay

Traffic lights

Traffic lights increase safety on and around the loading bay.

Hurricane Fan Light - ventilation in the warehouse

Hurricane Fan Light

The Hurricane Fan Light illuminates and ventilates truck trailers.

Dock number plates for easy dockingn

Dock Number Plates

Docks can be easily identified with number plates.

Dock stairs for the loading bay

Dock Stairs

Dock stairs are used to enter the building through a wicket door when the floor inside is higher than the loading area.

road markings of Loading Systems

Road Markings

Road markings are applied to the ground of your loading bay and is often used in situations where there is a lot of traffic.


Tail lift seal for protection of the tail lift opening

Tail Lift Seal

The tail lift seal provides optimum protection of the tail lift opening underneath the dock leveller.

Corner seals to prevent draught

Corner Seals

Corner seals improve sealing at the bottom of the curtain dock shelters.

Safety fences from Loading Systems

Safety Fences

Safety fences may be used around the loading and unloading platform to “mark” dangerous areas and to protect personnel as well as material.

Safety mirrors for optimum protection around the loading bay

Safety Mirrors

The durable safety mirrors provide optimal safety around your loading and unloading area.

Dock lights for increased safety at the loading bay

Dock lights

Dock light is used to illuminate the entire inside of the trailer. This increases safety during loading.