Cold Storage

The challenges in cold-storage environments

Refrigeration and freezer units are all about climate control in various rooms. For example, there are important requirements for a deep-freeze environment. In order to function effectively, it is important that solutions are adapted to large temperature differences.

Temperature differences from -35 to +35 °C? No problem!

Do you have to deal with several temperature zones in your building? Of course, you don't want this to hamper your logistics processes and activities. Loading Systems has an enormous amount of know-how in the application of logistic solutions in refrigeration and freezer units. This ensures unobstructed passage at all times without interruption or loss of productivity.

High-speed doors: durable, cost-effective and safe

High-speed doors are an important link in your logistical activities and processes. For example, we have designed the Freeze 1 & 2 high-speed door especially for cold storage and freezer applications. Temperature fluctuations are reduced due to the high opening and closing speed and superior sealing. In addition, the use of a high-speed door reduces the amount of moisture entering the cold store and optimises internal transport.

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Cold storage high-speed door

Do you need to see what is going on behind the door? Choose vision panels

Safety first; in all our solutions, human safety has a high priority. For this reason, all our high-speed doors are supplied as standard with a transparent vision strip across the entire width of the door. The visibility strip provides optimum visibility for environments with many logistical movements. This prevents unwanted collisions. Several vision strips can optionally be placed in the door panel for additional visibility or light.

Important advantages of "the all-in-one" high-speed door

Our high-speed doors for cold-storage environments offer the following advantages:

  • Stable temperatures
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Prevention of ice formation due to moisture
  • Suitable as inside and outside door

The Loading Systems stepped dock solution: suitable for lower temperatures

During loading and unloading in a temperature-controlled environment, a stepped dock can ensure that this temperature remains unaffected. A trailer can connect to the dock without having to open the door first. The overhead door does not need to be opened until the inflatable shelter is fully inflated.