E-commerce logistics: need for a personal approach

The logistics industry has been changing for quite some time. Due to the increasing number of online purchases, there is a growing demand for extra storage space. Retailers want to offer their customers the best customer experience online, and that starts with an optimal logistics facility and a safe working environment. For example, the distribution centres must consist of enough loading docks and space for trucks to manoeuvre. Whether it's a large distribution centre outside the city or a small distribution centre near urban areas, Loading Systems can help you find the right solution.

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Change from pallets to packages

Today, the goods increasingly leave the building in the form of small to medium-sized packages instead of large pallets. Where previously large deliveries were made to the stores, now shipments often consist of packages which are delivered directly to the consumer. Speed and efficiency play a crucial role in this.

The solution? A dock leveller for vans as well as large trucks

We often see that many Dotcom companies use separate loading bays for their vans and trucks. The result? A lot of space is lost due to the use of two types of loading docks, which means that the flow of goods can be regulated less efficiently.

With the Loading Systems Combi-dock leveller, this problem is a thing of the past. The Combi-dock leveller makes it possible to load and unload both types of vehicles at the same loading dock! In this way, you always use all loading docks for the flow of your goods.

Combidock leveller

Van-Dock leveller: Van-Dock leveller: ease of use and safety in one

Van-Dock leveller Loading Systems

With the growing number of online purchases, more and more small trucks and vans are on the road. The Van Dock leveller is the unique all-in-one solution for this. For automatic operation, the Van-Dock leveller consists of: a dock leveller, stepped dock and control box integrated in one.

  • Easy to install
  • Provides a safe and efficient working environment for loading and unloading
  • Van and small trucks can dock more easily
  • Can be adapted to customer specific situation

Looking for a custom solution? Please contact one of our e-commerce experts. They will gladly assist you in finding customer-specific options.

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