Advanced Control Centre

The Advanced Control Centre is designed for you, an easily accessible web-based solution accessible by multiple users from any location.

The Advanced Control Centre is based on 4 modules

Service module

Maximum uptime of your loading bay: 24/7 monitoring

Automatically informs a Loading System specialist on any product error, and these can often be solved remotely. It also enables conditional maintenance rather than periodic maintenance.

Dock management

Full control of vehicles near loading bay

The Dock Management module offers live information on the status of all your loading bays. Vehicles can be allocated and reserved to a loading bay from a remote location.

Facility management

Real time status overview of all loading bays

You can even operate the doors remotely and get a notification, email/text message, if the opening time exceeds a predetermined time.

Statistics & Reporting

Optimize your transport and flow of goods

Substantiated analysis by providing data about usage rates, exact and average loading and unloading times, and the number of movements per loading bay.

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