Extra-large overhead door for aviation

In the world of aviation, we supply doors for hangars and lift tables, which are used by baggage and cargo handlers in airport buildings and warehouses. Our hangar doors are also suitable for dry docks in harbours.

The extra-large overhead door is specifically constructed for applications up to a width of 12 metres. For example, each door is specifically calculated by our own experienced product engineers, resulting in a fully customised, durable and safe overhead door. Due to the weight and size of the overhead door, extremely high demands are made on the materials used. For example, to prevent the door from warping, additional reinforcements are applied to the door panel.

Overheaddoor for aviation


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The advantages of hangar doors for you

Hanging doors are doors that are manufactured in very large dimensions. These doors are therefore often used in aviation, but also in shipbuilding. The advantages of our hangar doors are:

  • Durable and maintenance-free
  • Large dimensions possible
  • Secure overhead door

Sustainable solution: energy-efficient passageway

Hanging doors are huge and must be able to withstand severe weather conditions. Since the door has to meet heavy quality requirements, it is also very durable. As a result, the door has a high insulation value. In addition, the aircraft hangar door has few (moving) parts, which makes it low-maintenance.

Options for ease of use

Of course, it may be the case that the entire hangar door is rarely opened. To ensure that staff can still walk in and out easily, man doors can easily be installed in the overhead door. This means that the entire door does not have to open, and the temperature in the building is maintained. It is also possible to place windows in the door for additional daylight. This way, you can easily save on energy costs. The height of the windows can also be adjusted to create a cooling shade inside.

Modernisation: bringing old hangar doors up to date

Our access solution is not only a good choice for new door installations, but also for renewing an existing installation. Our advisors are very experienced in the use of extra-large doors. Would you like advice on all the options for your company? Please contact us.

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