Loading Systems APP

Loading Systems proudly introduces the Loading Systems APP for installation and service! Installing, maintaining and servicing a Loading Systems loading bay has never been this easy!


* For Android devices running Android 6.0 and above

All the power at your fingertips!

The loading Systems APP allows you to perform al the same actions as you would normally perform on the control box. With the easy-to-use interface, installing and servicing becomes much easier and work can be carried out faster! 


To get you up and running, you will find some tutorial videos below. After the first video, the workflow splits up in "Industrial doors" and "Dock levellers". Us the left path (videos 2 & 3) when you want to learn about the possibilities when installing or servicing a Loading Systems sectional overhead door. The right path (video 4) can be used to do the same for dock equipment. The last video shows extra features and applies to both industrial doors and dock equipment.

Registering your personal login code

How to get started with your Loading Systems App? First download the Loadings Systems App via this website. Then please use the below web form to request your personal login code.

Connecting the Bluetooth module

In order to establish a Bluetooth connection between your control and smartphone, the Loading Systems Bluetooth module is required. Once the module is plugged into the control, the control can be turned on and via the Loading Systems APP, the connection can be made.

Industrial Doors

Minimum software version required: V1.**

Set end positions and fine-tuning

The Loading Systems APP allows you to set the top and bottom position of your Loading systems sectional overhead doors! Once set you can easily fine-tune the set values!

Adjust, save and share settings

All sectional overhead door settings can be modified. Once you are all set you can save and export the set of values. The exported file can then be shared with Loading systems (for technical support) and once received in return be uploaded again to the control. You can also upload the exported file to another sectional overhead door at the same project! This allows you to create a set of values once and copying it to all other doors! 

Dock Levellers

Minimum software version required: V806P10

Adjust, save and share settings

The loading Systems APP works on all Loading Systems dock levellers. Within the app, you can modify all setting values. Once done you can export the set of values and either import the file to other dock levellers at the same project, or share them with Loading Systems for technical support! 

Extra features

The Loading Systems APP offers you more than just the features mentioned above. You can find all relevant documents, check the meaning of error codes, see the last error in the history and operate Loading Systems sectional overhead doors!

Experience the power yourself

Do you want the Loading Systems APP? Then please use the below web form to request your personal login code.

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