Automotive production company: optimum climate control

A controlled environment is crucial when developing cars and/or components. Keeping dust out is one of the biggest challenges, as dust can contaminate machines and products. Loading Systems provides complete access solutions for the automotive industry allowing optimal control of the air quality.

High-speed doors: the solution for optimum insulation

Optimal insulation is extremely important in the automotive industry and Loading Systems high speed doors are a highly suitable solution. Our high-speed doors offer advantages in terms of:

  • Efficiency: the overhead doors have a high opening and closing speed. This minimises temperature fluctuations and keeps out dust particles, insects and draughts. This ensures that the work process is not impeded.
  • Sustainability: by using the high-speed doors, the temperature in the building can be controlled optimally.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of industrial doors for the automotive sector? Then get advice from one of our industrial door experts.

Aesthetic solution for a beautiful showroom

The full vision overhead door is popular with car dealers. The full vision industrial door, for example, has many variation possibilities and can be designed and manufactured entirely according to your wishes. As a result, the door not only improves the appearance of the showroom, but also allows more natural light into the premises. This provides an optimal view in and out. Furthermore, the aluminium sections of the door can be finished with a wide variety of colours and infills.

Maximum light output and cost-effective

In the automotive industry, the demand for more sustainable alternatives is growing. For example, Loading Systems' full vision industrial doors are constructed from high quality, durable materials. By fitting the aluminium sections with transparent fillings, maximum light output is achieved. Because of the additional natural light, less artificial lighting is needed in the building. This can save you unnecessary energy costs.

Automotive showroom Loading Systems

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Transporting vehicles quickly and efficiently? Make use of a lifting table

We also supply lift tables for transporting vehicles over several floors in the building. Lifting tables can be installed in or in front of the floor of a building. The lifting tables are made of high quality materials to ensure stability. So you can easily move cars in a multi-storey showroom!

Low-maintenance full vision overhead door

The underside of the door gets dirty quicker in practice. The lower side is also more susceptible to damage. We would therefore recommend that the bottom section of the door be constructed with a closed bottom section made of steel. The bottom section can also be fully adapted to the appearance of the overhead door.

BIM objects for your showroom or maintenance garage

We offer products and solutions tailored to the automotive industry. These can be used, for example, in showrooms and service departments. Some examples are high speed doors, ramps and full vision overhead doors.

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