Ensure fast, safe, and energy-efficient operations

All companies operating in the transport & logistics sector face numerous challenges. Not only is it crucial to get goods from point A to B quickly, it is also vital that this is done as safely as possible. Count on Loading Systems' solutions to bring real value to your business. We know that timing and safety are essential and therefore focus on improving throughput.

Solutions for every part of your distribution center

Day in and day out, you need to be able to rely on successful loading and unloading. Thus, solutions should meet your company's operational requirements. During the development of a new distribution center, regulations should be considered, especially the requirements of the people who will use it. For existing buildings, it is important that current loading and unloading solutions facilitate the process. For example, they should ensure a fast and efficient process and that the products are safe and relatively easy to use.

But whatever type of goods you handle, it is important to ensure safety, temperature control, cost control, and speed. Loading Systems is happy to help you find suitable solutions for your requirements.

Loading bay solutions for the logistics sector

High-speed doors - keep environments separate

High-speed doors are the solution for any industry. They ensure that different environments in your facility are kept at the right temperature. The doors open and close at lightning speed, ensuring almost no heat or cold is lost. In addition, it creates a safe working environment for your colleagues. Curious about our high-speed doors? Then read on in our blog.

Are you short of warehouse space? High-speed doors are ideal for small spaces.

Dock shelters - maximum insulation and energy-efficient

Dock shelters for logistics

Dock shelters help improve loading and unloading conditions. For example, with their superior sealing, the shelters seal the loading bay against draughts, moisture, and dirt, which ultimately reduces energy losses. In addition, the shelters are extremely stable, and durable, but also definitely aesthetic. But besides a reduced energy bill and a faster loading and unloading process, shelters also ensure that goods stay clean, saving a lot of costs.

Wondering which dock shelter fits your requirements seamlessly? Then read our blog on how choosing the right shelter makes a world of difference.

Free advice from our experts

Increase efficiency and safety? Use a dock leveller

Reliable dock levellers simplify your loading and unloading process. During loading and unloading activities, dangerous situations can arise due to the difference in height. A dock leveler bridges the gap between the vehicle and the loading bay, minimising dangerous situations. As a result, operations can be carried out not only more safely but also more efficiently. But how do you know which dock leveller is suitable for your operations? We are happy to help with that! Read all tips and tricks here.

Fully integrated solutions - saving on installation and maintenance time

As a total solution provider, we have developed a fully integrated control system that allows you to combine the control of your dock leveller, dock shelter, industrial door, and accessories. The advantage?

  • Only 1 power source is required, resulting in significant cost savings on installation and maintenance time
  • A fixed sequence can be maintained. This not only prevents damage but also ensures optimal use of your loading bay. For example, an inflatable shelter can insulate the vehicle first, and then the overhead door can open. This keeps the space well insulated and no heat or cold is lost.

The logistics power behind your business?

Loading Systems industrial doors and loading bay solutions contribute to the effective execution of hundreds of logistics companies worldwide. Whether it's a small family-run business just outside London, or a multinational distribution centre in Dubai. We take care.

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