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Why upgrade?

Buildings are designed to last, as are our logistics solutions. But regulations and rules change, technologies continue to develop and your requirements change. Keep your logistics process up to date and make the most of it!

Upgrade your dock equipment

Over time, dock equipment can become worn or damaged, or even unusable. But wouldn't it be wise to modernise your loading bay before it gets to that point?

Safety and cost savings

Inadequate safety leads to dangerous situations. And yet you want to provide the safest possible working environment for your staff and equipment. Prevent accidents and upgrade your dock equipment to the highest safety standard! Possible upgrades::

  • Dock lights: Lighting is easy to install and immediately provides safer working conditions.
  • Wheel guides: ensure that drivers always dock correctly. This contributes to safety around the loading bay and reduces the risk of damage to the building.


Modernisation provides more control, a more streamlined process and higher production. Isn't that what you want? Make your dock equipment more efficient with a very simple upgrade:

  • Dock numberplates: make docks easily recognisable. That facilitates the process of loading and unloading.


We focus strongly on sustainable developments, as do many of our customers. If you are also conscious of your energy consumption and your equipment then consider these upgrades:

  • Dock shelter seals. Dock shelters are often used to prevent draughts during loading and unloading. Modern seals provide an almost complete seal.
  • Tail lift seal: Take care of the tailgate opening and protect it with a tail lift seal.


Would you like to know more about the modernisation options for loading bays? Then get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you!


Old situation
Dock shelter vervanging oud
New situation
Dock shelter vervanging nieuw

Upgrade your Industrial doors

Industrial doors are an important part of a building and the business process. With modern industrial doors you contribute to the sustainability, safety and appearance of your company!


Industrial doors are decisive for the safety of many daily operations. Legal requirements may change, your wishes may change. With these upgrades you immediately realise a safer working environment:

  • Door safety devices: Prevent personal injury and damage to the door. Eliminate unsafe situations with door safety devices.
  • Additional switches: Lock the door with a key switch. The functions of the panel are temporarily disabled and dangerous situations are excluded.
  • Warning lights: Avoid collisions by installing warning lights. Flashing lights and stop lights make an immediate positive contribution to a safe working environment.

Usability & Efficiency

You want to operate your industrial door as simply and effectively as possible. Modernise your industrial door easily with:

  • Remote control: With a hand transmitter you can operate your industrial door remotely.


Do you have a new house style or is your building ready for a makeover? Your doors should not be left behind, your building is your business card! Freshen up your premises with:

  • New panels and door leaves: Give your industrial doors a modern look that suits your business.

Would you like to know more about upgrading your industrial door(s)? We are happy to think along with you!