Lifting platforms

Are you looking for a solution to bridge larger differences in height or even double deck trailers? The Loading Systems lifting platforms are designed to bridge large differences in height between street level and the vehicle bed or between the platform and vehicle bed.

Lifting platforms can be placed in and in front of your warehouse floor. When placed in front of your warehouse the lifting platforms can be placed in a special dock house.

  • Durable, long lifespan
  • Optimum safety
  • User friendly
  • Easy operation
  • For double decked trailers


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Durable, long life and minimal maintenance

The high-quality materials ensure ultimate platform stability and robustness. The hydraulic PowerPack is fully enclosed and protected even in the harshest of surrounding environments. The maintenance-free roller bearing guarantee a long lifespan.


Optimum safety

The lifting platforms comply with all EN 1570 safety requirements and are equipped with required safety precautions as a standard.


User friendly

With its intuitive control unit, the lifting platforms are easy to operate. The lifting platforms’ modular design is fully adaptable to your specific needs and can be fitted with segmented loading lips, safety fences and many other options.


Lifting platform for double decked trailers

The Loading Systems double dok lifting tables are specifically designed for vehicles with a double-deck bed. With the double dok lifting tables, both the vehicle bed and upper deck of a double deck trailer can be reached.

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