Dock Stairs

Easy and safe access - use loading dock stairs!

We understand like no other the importance of safety at work. It is practical to place pass doors between different docks. However, with loading dock stairs you can greatly improve the accessibility of your loading bay. How? A dock staircase is used to enter the building through a wicket door when the interior floor is higher than the loading bay. This gives people the opportunity to enter the building more easily.

Loading dock stairs advantages

The loading dock stairs are not only safe, but also easy to install. They are durable and stable and can withstand all weather conditions as well as:

  • Available in various heights and widths
  • Equipped with anti-slip treads
  • Health and safety friendly
  • Includes handrails (mounted left or right)
  • Standard hot-dip galvanised

Loading dock stairs; various sizes and options available

Loading dock steps are available in various sizes. The dock stairs have a fixed staircase angle of 45°, so that the walkability is comfortable. In addition, the stairs are standard hot-dip galvanised and made of the highest quality metal. The banister can be placed on one or, optionally, both sides of the staircase. At the top of the staircase is a platform for safety and doors that open to the outside.

Are you interested in what the loading dock stairs could do for your business? Contact one of our experts today. They will be happy to advise you further on your requirements.

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