Wheel guides

Wheel guides; docking correctly has never been easier!

Wheel guides are one of the most useful investments for protecting the building, equipment and staff. In the long run, they provide a great return on investment, as the life span of the building and equipment is extended considerably by the compulsory centering of the trucks.

Wheel guides are highly recommended in combination with wide dock levellers and curtain or inflatable dock shelters, as precise positioning of a vehicle is important in this situation.

Key features of wheel guides

  • Easy and fast parking
  • Damage is prevented
  • Easy to install
  • Different models
  • Increased safety

Type of wheel guides - a suitable solution for every situation!

The wheel rails are standard hot-dip galvanised and are available as surface-mounted or in-situ models.

wheel guide - surface-mounted model

Surface-mounted model - mounted on the subfloor

The surface-mounted model is mounted on the subfloor by means of base plates and mounting holes. The model is available in curved and straight versions.

wheel guide - in

Built-in model – mounted on the subfloor

The hot-dip galvanised wheel guides are cast into the concrete foundation. The built-in model is available in curved and straight versions.

wheel guide low model

Low model - mounted on the subfloor

The low model is mounted on the subfloor by base plates with mounting holes. This model is also available in a curved or straight version.


The wheel guides are also optionally available with a partially yellow powder-coated frame. This increases visibility and makes it even easier for the truck driver to dock.

Wheel guides - suitable for new and existing premises

Wheel guides can be used not only for new building, but also for existing premises. For example, you can easily modernise an existing building, making the loading bay not only a safer working environmen, but also allowing more efficient loading and unloading. Furthermore, wheel rails are not only useful at the loading bay, but also for warehouses at distribution centers and workshops with work traffic. Wondering which model best suits your current and future needs? Then get in touch today! Our experts will be happy to help you make the best choice.

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