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Manual Vehicle Restraint 503NG


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Automatic Vehicle Restraint


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Prevent premature drive-off and creeping

By blocking the rear wheel, unplanned movement of the docked vehicle is prevented. The constant hydraulic restraining force of the restraint system even prevents vehicle creep, caused by momentum incurred during loading and unloading.

Full control – integrated system with automatic sequence control

With the automatic sequence control, a safe operating sequence is ensured, fully integrated with all other loading bay products. Dock levellers and/or dock doors cannot be operated before the vehicle is restrained and the vehicle will not be released until these are safely back in rest position and closed again.

No vehicle damage – retractable blocking arm with precision sensor

The blocking arm is fully retracted when not activated, preventing any damage to truck wheels, tail lifts or mud flaps. After activation, the precision sensor detects the rear wheel, positions the blocking arm in place and restraints the wheel.

No equipment damage – fully galvanised with integrated wheel guide

The fully galvanised system with integrated wheel guide ensures the vehicle is always positioned in the centre and prevents damage to the equipment and vehicle.

Suitable for both new and existing buildings – minimal building preparation

Installation in both existing and new buildings is no problem, as the restraint system requires minimal building preparation.


Manual Vehicle Restraint Next Generation


The complete range of Loading Systems vehicle restraint solutions also includes the next generation manual restraint system, 503NG, as an alternative to the automatic version. It offers the same unique benefits, except that the blocking arm is operated manually. A minimal investment for maximum safety!

Full control – easy to handle

The controls of the 503NG manual verhicle restraint are mounted at an ergonomic height, making the system effortless to operate. A clear to follow operating instruction is placed on the handle.

Clear indicators and signals reduce risk of oversights

The housing is equipped as standard with an LED indicator (red/green) that shows the status of the system and whether the a truck is correctly blocked. The trolley is fitted with a white LED light to make it easy to find the wheels in the dark. The system features a wheel detection that ensures that the locking arm is always in the correct locking position against the wheel. If this is not the case, the system will give an acoustic signal.

Minimises creep of the truck

Creeping of a truck or trailer during loading/unloading is prevented by a pitch of only 15mm on the locking system. Locking of the system is done by an easy-to-use foot pedal.



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Do not just take our word for it...


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Bonduelle installed 10 automatic vehicle restraint systems (505NG) for the outgoing goods, in Mons (France). This improves the safety of transporters of the canned goods.

Facility Manager


"Fortunately, no one was seriously injured after an incident caused by premature vehicle drive-off. After the incident, we installed automatic vehicle restraint systems on all loading bays as a precaution."

Doncaster (VK) Key Retail customer


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"Loading and unloading our trucks is done safely by Loading Systems' automatic vehicle restraint systems."

Filip Van Hoorick - Equipment & Infrastructure Engineer



BIM objects: the solution for every challenge

With the Powerlock 505NG BIM model, you design the optimal loading bay easily, efficiently, and quickly. Get started right away and discover the best options for any kind of loading bay!

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