Vehicle Restraint Systems

Vehicle restraint system: optimum safety around the loading bay

The safety risks around loading bays are enormous. Premature leaving or creeping vehicles are major causes of countless accidents, sometimes even fatal. Loading Systems vehicle restraint systems lock most vehicles or trailers at the loading bay, creating an extremely safe situation. How does this work? The steel arm slides in, automatically detect the last wheel, and mechanically locks the vehicle. Drivers can no longer drive off and trailers will no longer crawl away. Safety risks are prevented and staff can safely carry out the loading process.

Benefits of the vehicle restraint system

The automatic vehicle restraint system is the superior solution for loading and unloading. Our road blocker has many advantages:

  • Optimal safety
  • Prevents driving off and creeping
  • Reliable with minimal maintenance
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Integrated wheel guide
  • Prevents accidents and damage
  • Suitable for both new and existing buildings
  • Can be used in combination with other Loading Systems products

Safe and durable solution? The dock restraint system!

The Loading Systems vehicle restraint system keeps a parked vehicle safely in place and prevents vehicles from moving away and crawling prematurely. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents or damage around loading bays.

Features of the vehicle restraint system


Vehicle restraint system prevents driving off


Prevents driving off and creeping

Locking the rear wheel prevents the vehicle from moving off. Vehicle "creep", caused by momentum during the charging process, is also prevented. This guarantees optimum safety..


Durable vehicle restraint system



The automatic vehicle restraint system is galvanised and designed to consist of as few moving parts as possible. This makes it low-maintenance.


User-friendly vehicle restraint system



The Loading Systems vehicle restraint system (type: 505NG) is suitable for almost all types of vehicles and has its own intuitive controls. The system is easy to install on most surfaces.

Automatic vehicle restraint system: reliable and safe

The automatic vehicle restraint system complies with the CE machinery directive and features a robust hot-dip galvanised construction.


  • Prevent premature driving off and creeping

By constantly hydraulically blocking the rear wheel of the docked vehicle, premature departure is prevented. Even vehicle creep caused by momentum during loading and unloading is no longer possible due to the blocking system.

  • Full control with logical sequential switching

The logical sequence control guarantees a safe work sequence, fully integrated with the other products around the loading bay. Dock levellers and/or dock doors cannot be operated until the vehicle is safely blocked, and the vehicle is not released until the dock leveller is back in rest position and/or the dock doors are closed.

  • No vehicle damage thanks to retractable blocking arm

The blocking arm with precision sensor is fully retracted when not activated. This prevents damage to truck wheels, tailgates or mud flaps. After activation, the precision sensor detects the rear wheel, positions the blocking arm in place and locks the wheel.

  • No product damage thanks to integrated wheel guide

Via an integrated wheel guide, the fully galvanised system ensures that the vehicle is always in the centre of the dock. Damage to the products or the vehicle is thus a thing of the past.

  • Suitable for new and existing buildings

The Loading Systems vehicle restraint system requires minimal structural modifications. As a result, installation in both new and existing buildings is no problem at all.


BIM objects: the solution for every challenge

With the Powerlock 505NG BIM model, you design the optimal loading bay easily, efficiently, and quickly. Get started right away and discover the best options for any kind of loading bay!

Download BIM-objects 

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