Wheel chocks: for extra safety on the loading bay

Wheel chocks, also known as wheel blocks, prevent the vehicle from rolling during loading and unloading. A wheel chock is placed behind the wheels of a truck.

This prevents major dangers that creeping of a truck can cause. It is not only important to use a wheel chock to prevent damage, but also to guarantee the safety of your staff and bystanders. The use of a wheel chock therefore not only ensures safety but also increases it.

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Benefits of wheel chocks:

  • Suitable for any type of vehicle
  • Can be used in combination with other products
  • Easy to install
  • Available in 3 models

Different types of wheel chocks: which material to choose?

Our wheel chocks are manufactured from various materials of the highest quality. This enables us to offer a wheel chock for every type of vehicle. This way the vehicle stands as firm as a rock during loading and unloading.

Rubber wielkeg
Metal wheel chock
Double wheel chock

Rubber Wheel chock

The rubber wheel chock is made of durable rubber. This also gives the wheel chock a longer lifespan. The wheel chock is also equipped with a handle or eye for attaching a chain.

  • Available as normal symmetrical version
  • Economical version

Metal Wheel chock

The metal wheel chock is not only extremely durable but is also equipped with a sensor that detects the wheel after the wheel chock has been placed.

  • Standard delivered with wall bracket
  • Including spiral cable
  • Placement bar with wheels and stop sign optional

Double Wheel chock

The user-friendly, innovative and robust double wheel chock blocks a vehicle on both sides. The wheel chock can be optionally extended with an optical sensor to detect a vehicle.

  • It can be connected to the control box of the dock leveller, industrial door and/or traffic lights (outside) and signal lights (inside)

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