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How do you get the most out of your loading platform?

Anyone buying a new car needs help and advice as to where to start. There are endless providers, types, and options. It’s no different for loading bays.



Why Loading Systems?

Loading Systems designs, installs, and maintains the most efficient logistics solutions for every loading process. More than 50 years of experience in supplying loading platforms for various markets has made us an innovative market leader and reliable partner for every company!

A full loading bay in BIM.


The products from Loading Systems are:



A loading dock has to be effective, of course. But safety is at the top of our list! This is why Loading Systems always works on products, which make loading and unloading on your platform safer for people and materials.


A safe loading bay 



Good insulation, incidence of natural light, faster loading and unloading, use of more environmentally friendly materials and processes. Loading Systems chooses a sustainable future. This means that our products deserve a place in every contemporary business premises!

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Miles of loading dock can be found on industrial estates across the country. Loading Systems gives you the opportunity to match your loading dock with your company's branding. Choose the RAL colours yourself and personalise your shelters and doors. Give your company just that little bit of extra touch!

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Designing with Loading Systems

Loading Systems makes designing the very best loading dock easy. Our BIM objects clearly show which options our smart loading products offer.

Get started right away and discover the best options for each loading dock!

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Advies van de experts van Loading Systems (BIM)

Non-binding expert advice

Loading Systems has been producing well thought-out and advanced loading solutions for more than 50 years. Our experts know the features and options of our products like no other. Do you want the best advice on the ideal loading dock for your client? Our experts are happy to think along with you without obligation!

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