How do you choose the right industrial fire door for your business?

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When choosing an industrial fire door for your business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should make sure that the door is made of materials that can withstand high temperatures. Second, you need to make sure that the door is properly installed and maintained. Finally, you need to make sure that the door is the right size for your needs.

Fire doors - reliable protection of people and property

Fire-resistant doors, also known as fire doors, prevent the spread of fire. As a result, damage to premises and property is significantly reduced or even completely prevented. It also ensures a safe working environment for personnel. Each company has its own requirements and needs and depending on these, criteria are established that the fire door must meet. For example, fire resistance, smoke resistance, and sound insulation are important factors.

Fire resistance; flameproof, heat radiation and insulation

Our fire doors have a fire resistance varying between 30 and 240 minutes in accordance with European standards (EN 1634-1 and EN 13501-2). In addition, the fire doors are CE certified in accordance with EN 13241 and EN 16034.

Smoke resistance - stopping smoke from spreading

The number one cause of death in fires is smoke suffocation. So smoke resistance is very crucial for personnel safety. But what do SA and S200 mean when it comes to smoke resistance? SA is the smoke resistance at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, also known as "cold smoke." S200, on the other hand, is the smoke resistance at 200 degrees Celsius, also called "hot smoke."

More safety: equipped with self-closing drives

Loading Systems believes it is important that your safety is guaranteed at all times. For example, a fire door should always close in the event of a fire alarm, regardless of the presence of power. Thus, the industrial fire doors are equipped with a mechanical failsafe closure in accordance with the EN 16034 EN 14637 standard.

All fire doors at a glance

There is no single solution that protects people, goods, and buildings from the damage of burglary, smoke, and fire. Thus, the choice of a fire-resistant door is based on the choices and wishes of building owners and architects. The choice of fire-resistant doors is quite wide. After all, will it be a fire-resistant overhead door, sliding door, or wicket door? In this, how do you make the right choice for your company? We have listed the types of fire-resistant doors to make it just a little clearer.

Fire-rated overhead door - for enclosing large halls and commercial buildings

Fire-rated overhead door

Looking for a safe and reliable door for your premises? Then our fire-resistant overhead doors are ideal for you! The fire-resistant sectional door can be applied in a wide variety of building situations. The door is applicable for indoor/outdoor and indoor/outdoor situations, and is suitable for frequent use.

Fire resistant roller shutter door - for most common fire load situations

Fire resistant roller shutter door

Fire resistant roller shutters, also called fire rated roller shutters doors, are the most ideal solution for optimal fire retardation. Thus, the fire is delayed up to 120 minutes (depending on the dimensions chosen). For the purpose of installation, the structural wall should consist of aerated concrete, aerated concrete, sand-lime brick, concrete, masonry, fire-resistant clad steel construction, or reinforced metal stud wall through integrated construction. Our fire-resistant roller doors are suitable for daily use and can be used in various situations (indoor/outdoor and indoor/outdoor).

Fire-resistant sliding doors - for safe escape routes

Fire rated sliding door

Our smoke-tight fire-resistant sliding doors provide safe escape routes and can only be used in indoor/outdoor situations. The sliding doors are always made to measure and the panels of the fire-resistant sliding doors can be supplied in any RAL color. According to the EI(1) criteria the fire resistance of our fire-resistant sliding doors is 60 minutes, and according to the EW criteria, the fire resistance is even 120 minutes. This makes the doors extremely suitable for situations that require high fire resistance. The fire-resistant sliding door comes standard with manual operation with a speed regulator.

Fire-resistant hinged doors - suitable as normal utility doors

Fire-resistant hinged doors

It is important to compartmentalize fire early to prevent it from spreading. Slow down fire with our fire-resistant wicket doors, which have a fire resistance of no less than 4 hours. This gives your employees more time in case of emergency. The wicket doors are also suitable for use as normal doors. The fire-resistant wicket doors are available in single and double-leaf versions. The doors are also suitable for PGS15 areas.

Fire-resistant curtains - for situations with limited installation space

Fire resistant curtains

Looking for a solution in situations with limited installation space? Then fire-resistant curtains are an ideal solution. The roller screens are only suitable for indoor/indoor situations and are not intended for daily use. Thus, fire resistant curtains are only used in case of a possible emergency.

Customized advice: find out which fire door suits your situation!

Choosing the right fire door is crucial. Fortunately, you are not alone! Feel free to contact us. Then together we will look at the situation and location where we can come to a beautiful solution.

Want to be sure that your fire door is always working properly? Then close a service contract with us. We will come and check the fire-resistant doors once a year for function, protection and safety. This way you ensure that personnel, goods and building are protected at all times.

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