industrial curtain stroke - durable stroke curtain

Strip curtains

Strip curtains provide a flexible draft excluding curtain for internal or external doors. They are also used as a solution for preventing dust or noise pollution in workshops and around machinery. For a small investment, it is possible to achieve fast and safe transport benefits within a building.


What are the advantages of strip curtains?

  • Safety (due to transparency)
  • Noise reduction (possible up to 25dB)
  • Protection against dust, drought and insects

Air curtains

Air curtains provide the ideal barrier between two different temperature areas by means of kinetic energy in the moving air.

Closed door

Door opened with our air curtain

Door opened with air curtain


    industrial curtain air - using kinetic energy


    What are the advantages of air curtains?

    • 40% less energy use compared to other air curtains
    • Only air curtain worldwide that seals the opening completely
    • Only air curtain worldwide that can be applied at a height of 6 meters
    • Can be supplied in every width
    • Dual adjustability: air velocity and air direction
    • Less air volume needed, resulting in low noise levels
    • Insects can’t pass through the air stream
    • Investment in the air curtain can be recovered within 2 years
    • Noise levels are the lowest on the market