High speed sectional overhead door

Rigid high speed sectional door; applicable in all industries

Industrial doors can be seen in almost every sector, food industry, logistics and even pharmaceutics. It is no surprise that each industry has specific requirements, needs, laws and priorities. The high speed sectional overhead door offers the best of both worlds! It combines all the advantages of the traditional overhead door and a high speed door in a single solution.

High speed sectional door opening speed
High speed sectional door air permeability
High speed sectional door thermal permeability

Fast opening and closing

With an opening speed of 1,4 meter per second, it is up to 5 times faster than a standard overhead door. Making faster passage possible.

Lower air circulation

With an air permeability of 6 m3/m2h, the fast overhead door allows for a lower air circulation between outdoor and indoor spaces*.

Sustainable solution

The door has 4x lower energy loss compared to classic sectional doors, with a U-value of 1.18W/m2K*.

Calculate your energy savings now!

This energy calculator gives an overview of the potential energy loss of buildings due to the opening and closing of doors during a given period. When using the energy calculator for doors, use the following values:

  • Air permeability: Class 3
  • Thermal insulation: 1,18 W/m2K

Open energy-saving calculator


*calculation based on a 5 x 5 m Loading Systems high speed sectional door.

Advantages high speed sectional door

The high speed sectional door at a glance:

  • Sustainable choice 
  • Save on energy costs
  • High opening speed
  • Quick and simple installation
  • High insulation value
  • Ease of use


Determine the best choice for your needs

The high speed sectional door is a revolutionary innovation and is designed for both interior and exterior use. The door is made out of high-quality components to ensure a long life span.

Need help with determining which options would be best for your needs? We can customize our doors to meet your doors with a wide variety of tracks, sizes, and options.

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Leaflet of the high speed sectional overhead door