Van Dock LevellerWith a Loading Systems Van-dock leveller, you save your employees from potential injury by removing the dangerous heavy lifting duties.  It also serves to loading the vehicle more efficiently.

It works as follows: the delivery vehicle parks at the loading bay with the doors still closed, the doors are opened and the Van-dock leveller is easily positioned in the vehicle with the control panel. The vehicle can then be safely loaded.

The Van-dock leveller is easily adjustable to the requirements of your loading bay. A superstructure with an overhead door and dock shelter is also possible. Our specialists are happy to help you find the best solution for your loading bays.


Van Dock Leveller


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One dock leveller for both vans and large trucks


Last Mile deliveriesA separate loading platform for small vans and traditional trucks is not always possible or the best solution. In that case, a Loading Systems Combi-dock leveller offers the perfect solution. 

Loading Systems experts are always available to give you the best advice for your logistics requirements. Get in touch and discover our smart loading solutions.


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