Universal Bridging Plate Lifting Table

Traditional loading bays are unable to interface with today’s complete range of vehicle fleets which often requires dedicated loading bays to accommodate each vehicle type ranging from vans to double deck trailers.


Rob Fay, Managing Director at Easilift Loading Systems explained: “With the rise of e-commerce and dot-com shopping, there are huge operational efficiencies to be gained by being able to unload goods from a standard or double-deck trailer loading bay and then quickly change the configuration of the dock to load a home delivery van.”


So what exactly is it?


This innovative lifting table features a bi-parting bridge plate which folds up at the outer edges to facilitate different vehicle widths. Installed at the loading end of the lifting table, the Fandango bridge plate also safely guides traffic over the lift and into narrower vehicles.


How safe is it?

With the outer edges of the bridge raised to the vertical position it creates a barrier which protects the aperture of a van from damage during loading; and at the same time the bridge plate safely guides traffic over the lift by preventing the wheels of MHE and roll-cages from falling into the gaps typically present with traditional style bridge plates.


What does this all mean for the logistics industry?

Because the Fandango facilitates the loading and unloading of any type of vehicle from a single loading bay, it means that less loading bays are required in the logistics warehouse. And instead of some loading bays standing idle, while queues are building up on others, then all loading bays can be used to their maximum capacity. ‘The Fandango’ lifting table increases efficiencies, lowers costs and greatly helps to reduce health and safety risks.


Rob Fay added: “The complexity of modern logistics is only going to increase as logistics operators utilise a more diverse range of vehicles for specific delivery patterns. Given the accompanying pressure to increase performance levels and cost-efficiency in logistics, our range of flexible loading bay products, including the Fandango, offers real benefits to logistics operators by improving the flexibility and efficiency of every loading bay.”