Summer in Malta

Submitted by M Kuijpers on Wed, 01/30/2019 - 15:27

Summers on Malta mean warm weather, a tanned skin, blue skies and… a Cisk Lager Beer! This was the exact feeling we got when we installed our first ever loading bays on the Mediterranean island!

Loading Systems dock leveller, dock shelter, industrial doors, sectional overhead doors on Malta


Cisk | Maltese lager beer

First ever Loading Systems project in Malta. This project has been installed at the Cisk Lager Beer brewery.


Fully equipped loading bays 

All loading bays are equipped with our telescopic lip dock leveller and sectional overhead door. To keep the warmth outside and the cooled brewing environment inside we created a seal by installing our curtain dock shelters.

Safety guaranteed

Safe and precise docking is guaranteed with the help of wheel guides, traffic lights and our metal wheel chocks. These wheel chocks have switches built-in which are connected to the 930NG CombiControl. Only when the wheel chock is in place the other loading bay products are released to ensure safe loading/unloading.

Cheers! Or as they say in Malta… Evviva!