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The “Loading Systems LinkedIn Update” is our new blog category. Via these blog posts we will keep you updated with Loading Systems related LinkedIn posts from the last period. Starting with the last 6 weeks!

During this period of time the summer has officially started meaning that the longest days of the year have arrived, the temperature rises and the trees are green again.

Cisk Lager Beer

This results in wine and beer being served on the crowded terraces. The terraces in Malta will always have enough Cisk Lager Beer since we supplied their brewery with new loading docks to keep their supply chain running! These docks are the first ever Loading Systems docks on the Mediterranean island. Cheers! Or as they say on Malta: Evviva!


Cisk | Maltese lager beer

First ever Loading Systems project in Malta. This project has been installed at the Cisk Lager Beer brewery.  


Loading Systems Middle East

In the United Arab Emirates this period brings extreme temperatures. Having air-conditioning in your office makes your days at the office comfortable. Having air-conditioning in your new office makes it extra comfortable! Our office in Dubai has moved to a new office building.


Loading Systems Middle East | Moved to new office building

Loading Systems Middle East has moved to a new office building in Dubai.

Bangma verpakkingen

Another company getting ready to move is Bangma Verpakking. The manufacturer of packing material is moving to a new factory and warehouse in Dronten, the Netherlands. Loading Systems supplied all loading bays for their new facility.


Bangma verpakking | New facility in Dronten

The light advertising is being installed on the facade.  



Summer also means less rain. Therefore a lot of people start painting their homes, fences and other objects. Odds are that your paint comes from one of the AkzoNobel coating factories around the globe! We recently installed new loading bays at one of their new facilities.


AkzoNobel | New facility for AkzoNobel Coatings group

Work in progress at AkzoNobel Coatings! The Loading Systems levellers and sectional doors are installed. Soon the shelters will be installed as well. These docks will also be fitted with our advanced docking assistant to help the truck driver with docking.

11 loading docks in the United Kingdom

A new Loading Systems installation of 11 bays and two level access doors. Letting a breeze in as it was a bit warm installing the Loading Systems products in the building.


Jason Tonge | 11 new loading bays

A new Loading Systems installation of 11 bays and two level access doors. Letting a breeze in as it was a bit warm fitting out the building internally.


Poundworld is a British value variety store. 2 weeks ago they opened their new head office!


Poundworld | New head office | Steve Potter

New Poundworld 500k sq ft NDC and Head Office fully live as of today. A massive step forward for the business.


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