What's the right dock shelter for you?

Submitted by A Munt on Wed, 03/14/2018 - 15:18

The right dock shelter will ensure you protect your goods from external contaminants and protect your employees from the elements which helps to reduce employee absence!


Easilift Loading Systems Dock Shelters provide an optimum seal between the building and vehicles.

We have many options to choose from, all of which have been designed around the needs of different vehicle types and operational needs:


400 cushion dock shelter

As its name suggests, our 400 model dock shelter uses a cushioned dock-seal to seal the area around the door and the docked vehicle. Our 400 cushion dock shelter is an excellent choice for vehicles that differ minimally in size, such as a dedicated vehicle fleet or is used at loading bays where vehicle trailers are frequently swapped.


403 curtain dock shelter

If your loading and unloading operations involve a wide variety of vehicle heights and widths in an ambient operating environment, then our 403 curtain dock shelters are an ideal solution. The 403 dock shelter can be incorporated into the wall of your warehouse or installed onto dock houses, and are also delivered including a robust hinged frame. This provides vital damage protection in the event of the docking vehicle being too high or docking off-centre.


405 curtains dock shelter with a special foam core

There are not many dock shelters that can offer the exceptional durability and flexibility that our PowerShelter 405 can offer due to the special foam core built into the side sections and an automated adjustable top seal. Our 405 dock shelter provides the utmost in durability and  longevity for whilst also enhancing the aesthetical appearance of the warehouse.

Our 405 dock shelter is particularly well suited to container vehicles or vehicles which differ greatly in operational ride height.


407 inflatable dock shelter

If you have vehicles that differ greatly in height and width then our 407 Dock Shelter is the best way forward. The 407 dock shelter consists of two robust durable inflatable side cushions and an inflatable top cushion to create the most effective seal between the dock and the vehicle. The 407 dock shelter is particularly well suited for temperature controlled warehouses or environments where protection from external contamination is important. Based on the aesthetics of your building, you may choose to have the 407 dock shelter built into the warehouse or incorporated into a dock house.


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