What can pharmaceutical companies gain from working closely with Easilift Loading Systems?

Submitted by A Munt on Thu, 10/11/2018 - 14:55

The pharmaceutical sector is one of those industries that many of us don’t realise the sheer importance of until we encounter difficulties with obtaining vital medicines for ourselves or our loved ones – and there’s no doubt that the right loading bay equipment plays a key role in keeping such firms’ operations as unceasingly efficient as they need to be.

Easilift Loading Systems are well placed to know this, given the many leading players in the pharmaceutical industry to which we supply invaluable equipment such as dock levellers, dock shelters, industrial doors and lifting platforms to.

An impressive roll-call of trusted names in pharmaceuticals

Such reputable household-name firms as Boots, GlaxoSmithKline, AAH Pharmaceuticals, M&A Pharmachem and Sanofi have all drawn upon our expertise in the manufacture, supply and installation of carefully tailored loading bay solutions, achieving results that have had an immeasurable positive impact for patients.

Sanofi, for example, which is known for its close work with the NHS to provide patients with access to efficient and dependable medicines, tasked us with the installation of vehicle restraints and high-speed doors that were instrumental in maximising the safety and efficiency of its Chapeltown, South Yorkshire distribution centre.

However, we also provide our services across the continent, as shown by our work for such clients as Alcon – a specialist in ophthalmic products, medicines, dry eye products and contact lens care products – and Pharmaswiss.

The former company turned to us so that swing lip dock levellers, sectional overhead doors, curtain dock shelters and vehicle restraint systems could be installed at its Bornem premises in Belgium. Meanwhile, the latter organisation – a Swiss manufacturer of ‘over the counter’ medication – had telescopic lip dock levellers, sectional overhead doors and curtain dock shelters fitted at its new Belgrade, Serbia facility.

A collaborative approach that brings perfectly tailored outcomes

Whatever solutions for your loading bays you need for your organisation, here at Easilift Loading Systems, we can work with you in accordance with our motto – ‘we take care’ – to ensure your firm receives a suitably tailored service and in the process, maximises its results.

Call Easilift Loading Systems today on 0800 160 1965 or email info@loading-systems.co.uk to discuss your options with an experienced member of our team.