We Cover the Broadest Range of Sectors

Submitted by A Munt on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 14:18

Our company caters to the broadest range of sectors 


If you require a specialist in high speed doors and loading bay equipment, you will want that company to have the most impeccable reputation and expertise in that industry. 

For examples of our credibility across different sectors, you may look to our past track record in the automotive field, where we have installed scissors lifts (lifting platforms) for customers like BMW so that cars can be transported to multiple levels within buildings. 

As for our work for architects and specifiers, we are experts at working with them to ensure the right specification and best suited products are proposed to meet the needs of the client at the beginning of the project saving time and money along the way. 

The world of aviation is another in which we have a great reputation, supplying level access doors for hangar bays as well as lifting platforms for the benefit of baggage or freight handlers in airport terminals and storage warehouses. 

We have also served various clients in the cold chain industry such as Newcold.  We designed an innovative four-sided inflatable shelter that created a secure seal between all four sides of the loading/unloading vehicle and the loading bay to maintain an unbroken cold chain. 

Other examples of the highly regarded work that we do include our design and manufacture of two dock shelters and five van docks (mini dock levellers) suitable for use with the home delivery vans of online supermarket Ocado.


Having catered for the above industries with distinction down the years, when you need a dependable, reliable loading bay equipment and high speed doors specialist speak to Easilift Loading Systems now.