Ways in which your Organisation can Benefit from High Speed Doors

Submitted by A Munt on Wed, 12/28/2016 - 14:54

Different businesses have different priorities with regard to what they expect an industrial door help them to achieve on their facility.

Whilst we offer various types of industrial doors here at Easilift Loading Systems, you may find that a high speed door is the best solution for your business. Here are the reasons why:


High speed doors can improve the flow of traffic

If high volumes of traffic frequently enter and leave your building then high speed doors from Easilift Loading Systems could help to improve the efficiency of the internal flow of traffic by reducing the time it takes for the door to raise and lower.

However, you should also consider that our high speed doors are impact-resistant and completely self-repairing. Should a vehicle collide with the door, the flexible door leaf will detach from the door guiding tracks to prevent damage. Following impact, the leaf will automatically return into the tracks, making a service technician’s intervention unnecessary.


Noise and temperature can be better controlled

With a high speed door that outpaces a standard industrial doors, unwanted noise can be quickly blocked out. Our high speed doors can also assist in maintaining the internal temperature, which can be vital for creating a more consistently pleasant workplace. In fact, it could be crucial to your company’s operation.

Do you need to maintain the operating temperature of your working environment or prevent moisture ingress? For meeting both these requirements, a high speed door is much more effective than a traditional sectional door for helping you optimise the amount of time the door remains closed.


You can maintain a more hygienic working environment

In some clean environments such as food and chemical areas, the risk of contamination can reduced and even avoided by selecting a high speed door. You might also want to maintain a certain level of temperature in a food handling environment.


Specialist industrial doors including ATEX

Whilst we offer a wide range of traditional industrial doors and high speed doors you should also consider the qualities and features of our full range of specialised industrial doors which includes fire roller shutter doors, fire sectional doors and ATEX explosion-resistant doors.


As a market leader in industrial doors and loading bay solutions, Easilift Loading Systems is on hand to cater for your most specialised requirements.