All Loading Systems industrial doors, loading bays and lifting platforms comply with the strict safety requirements laid down in the UK and Europe. They are delivered in accordance with the relevant EN standards and Machinery Directive Guidelines and are CE marked to confirm compliance.

Installation and servicing of your equipment will be carried out by highly competent, fully trained engineers, ensuring you meet your legislative requirements. In the event of equipment damage or operator accidents, insurance companies often require evidence that the equipment has been subjected to a good maintenance regime as a prerequisite condition to settling any claim. With Loading Systems as your service partner, you can be assured that this condition will be met.

We take care.

With Loading Systems servicing and maintaining your equipment you are well-prepared. In the event of an insurance inspection, the maintenance history can be quickly proven. Our extensive range of service and maintenance contracts, not only meet all legal and regulatory requirements, but they also meet many of the requirements set by insurance companies. At Loading Systems service, reliability and safety go hand in hand.