Training at the LSacademy

Training at the LSacademy

Loading Systems knows how important it is to provide your customers with valid and up to date information. Education of your sales staff/engineers plays a vital role in this. But it does not stop there. A good installation of the products is as important to build a long-term relationship with your customer. This means your installation engineers should be properly trained as well.

To address the need for specialized training on products and installation, Loading Systems has created a dedicated training centre in Lelystad, the Netherlands. This training facility is more than just a classroom. It is filled with our newest range of products, so an up to date training is always ensured. In addition, the practical training room has all the tools and equipment needed to deliver hands-on installation trainings of our products and electrical controls.

For your sales staff, following a commercial product training is the perfect way to get a real touch and feel experience with the products, which they need to build the link between physical products and our Sales Portal. For your mechanical engineers following an installation training will mean learning how to install our products in the most effective way, following the principle of learning by doing. We have the facilities to not only learn them how and why, but also let them actually do and get the experience. 

Because our factory is next to our training facilities, we can combine training with a factory visit to get an even more in-depth understanding of our products.

For your newest employees in commercial functions, we have made a special 2½ day introduction program to provide a full commercial training package. This program includes most of the commercial product modules and in addition an introduction to Loading Systems and the “We take care.” philosophy, a detailed introduction to the Sales Portal, and an extensive factory tour. It will give your new employee a head start once in the field.

Providing these trainings is only possible if we share cost amongst the parties who will benefit from these trainings. The price for participating in a full day training is € 250,-. This includes the lunch, as well as a diner in case the participant continues with a training the next day. In case a training takes less than a full day, the price will be charged to ratio, f.e. half a day training will cost 250 * ½ = € 125,-.

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We're looking forward to welcome you or your colleagues in Lelystad!

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Commercial Product training
The introduction program includes the product trainings about the dock leveller, dock shelter, industrial door, high speed door, vehicle restraint system and electrical drives & controls.
Technical Installation training
Technical Service training

Other training dates are on request (please send email to Wouter Bokhorst), available weeks are week 43, 44, 45, 48, 49 & 50.