The Protection Systems That Are Crucial To Loading Bay Safety

Submitted by A Munt on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 15:12

One of the greatest dangers at your premises is that of a ‘Drive-Off’ – the term for a vehicle prematurely driving away from the loading bay while items are being loaded or unloaded.

Serious injuries and even deaths have occurred as a result of this issue, as well as when vehicles have ‘crept’ from the loading bay, which is why every measure must be adopted to ensure the safety of the area around the loading bay and the vehicle.

At Easilift Loading Systems we specialise in various solutions designed, developed and manufactured for precisely this purpose…to keep your loading bays safe!


The vehicle restraint system that gives you peace of mind

Our PowerLock 505 Vehicle Restraint System locks most vehicles or trailers onto the loading bay to prevent them from driving off prematurely or ‘creeping’. It is easy to operate and almost failure-free, thanks in large part to its design that uses only a limited number of moving parts, with the number of mechanical drives restricted to only the essential components.

The warehouse operative controls a push button station that operates a hydraulic cylinder responsible for mechanically locking the vehicle’s rearmost wheel. PowerLock 505 also comes with a host of other advantages, including the ability to function under all weather conditions and the presence of an emergency override unlocking system that can be activated in the event of power failure.


We go so much further to keep your dock safe

Our 505 vehicle restraint solution is not our only highly regarded product for preserving loading bay safety. We also supply wheel chocks, which can be specified in an assortment of models and can be integrated with sensors, as well as the Dock Management System.

The Dock Management System is a unique, cost-effective and easy-to-install solution for the prevention of the problem of vehicles driving away from the loading bay before the dock doors have been safely closed.

Here at Easilift Loading Systems, we have all the dock equipment, industrial doors, and related solutions that will enable you to maintain the safety and efficiency of your supply chain operations.


Whatever your company’s size, sector or specialism, we can be your trustworthy partner.

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