Nobody knows!

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500 craftsmen in Lelystad rule the docking world

Docking professionals in the polder

Imagine a fairly dull industrial area in the Flevoland region in The Netherlands. In an almost hidden location, you will find an office and endless stacks with dock equipment industrial doors and accessories. Once you enter the factory, you will be amazed…

Nobody knows, but right here more than 500 craftsmen and lots of impressive robots manufacture stuff for the biggest logistic centres and loading bays. Such as for the famous Ikea, Royal Dutch Flower Auctions and in the Netherlands.

This factory in Lelystad has an annual turnover of almost € 70 million.

What’s in a name!

The company is called Loading Systems. What’s in a name! Well, quite a lot in this case. This brand name is not only covering the industrial doors, dock levellers, dock shelters, loading bridges, powerlocks and other logistical needs. No, it’s also about the owners - twin brothers Ronald and Harald van Wijk, who embraced ICT and robots and ‘loaded’ the company with state of the art machinery and systems. With offices and factories in France, Dubai, Russia, Czech Republic and many other countries, they rule the docking world.

Their commitment to innovation pays off. In January 2017 Loading Systems won the prestigious regional BKL-award. Now they are competing for becoming the number 1 entrepreneur at the Flevopenning-awards on 19 May.

Where tradition meets the future

The factory, founded 50 years ago, has never been moved. Flevoland used to be sea but the Dutch, famous for their pioneering way of managing sea and water levels, turned it into land almost 80 years ago. So, it’s actually no wonder that Loading Systems has its ‘home-location’ in this new land.

Despite all the state of the art machines, the core values have remained the same: a family business that takes care of its customers, sustainability, innovation and employees above all. This combination has proven to be very successful – not only in flourishing financials but also in appreciation.

And yet… hardly anyone knows. That’s why Loading Systems will be on stage in a series of short stories. So, if you are interested in real #engineering #logistics #loadingbays #industrialdoors #distribution, #safety, #service, #innovation and #sustainability, take your docking station and read on.

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…”
According to Sin Tzu, an admiral in ancient China