Specifying lifting platforms or double deck lifts

Submitted by T Bennett on Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:44

You have a lot of options for bridging heights when you specify our lifting platforms or double deck lifts

The central principle of the lifting platforms we supply across Europe here at Loading Systems is that of bridging large height differences between street level and the vehicle bed, or between the platform and vehicle bed. However, there are also many forms and specifications that you can choose from for such platforms, and which your organisation will need to carefully consider.

Thankfully, with our expert guidance, you can be confident of selecting the most efficient, durable, safe, easy-to-use and competitively priced solution for your own company’s loading bay.


Lifting Platforms


The features that could make all of the difference to your premises

Even the most seemingly rudimentary electro hydraulic lifting platform for the loading and unloading of goods could never be described as such when you order yours from Loading Systems. After all, even our most ‘standard’ lifting platforms are simple to operate by means of a manual control system, while also having been designed and manufactured to deliver optimal performance in even the most extreme environmental circumstances.

However, many of our customers also appreciate our ability to incorporate a segmented exit ramp into our lifting platforms to enable adjustment to different vehicle widths. Or perhaps you would like to have safety barriers built into your platform to further enhance operator safety?

We are also a renowned provider of double-decked lifting platforms

If your organisation is interested in specifying double deck lifts for vehicles with a double-deck bed, you are sure to be impressed by our considerable knowhow and experience in this subcategory.

Our double deck lifts are also known as Double Dok lifting tables, and are specifically designed with the aforementioned vehicles in mind. Such platforms allow for both the vehicle bed and the upper deck of a double deck trailer to be reached, making them ideal for the loading and unloading of home delivery vans, in addition to single-deck and double deck trailers from just one loading bay.

A particular standout safety feature of our double deck lifts is a self-tensioning wire skirt positioned beneath the lifting platform. This creates a wall of steel to prevent operators or goods from falling into the gap underneath the lift.

However, the full range of options and accessories from which any business can choose when specifying lifting platforms from Easilift Loading Systems is a very broad one, encompassing such possibilities as horizontal exit ramps, anti roll-off safety stops and platform locks in concrete.

Contact us today about our lifting platform expertise

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