Service Maintenance Agreements Are Worth Your While!

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Service Maintenance Agreements

Easilift Loading Systems understands why it is necessary to keep your loading bays operational at all times; put simply KEEP OPERATIONAL  - STAY OPERATIONAL!

Preventative maintenance is absolutely central within our customer support approach here at Easilift Loading Systems – not least because it aids us in the fulfilment of our three key customer service objectives:
  1. Minimise operational downtime
  2. Reduce maintenance costs 
  3. Ensure health and safety compliance
But also because this kind of forward-thinking, proactive approach to loading bay maintenance brings you a wealth of benefits, namely the minimisation of the need for expensive repairs or replacement parts. 
How can Easilift Loading Systems help you achieve this?
When you are looking to extend the longevity of your loading bay equipment, both preventative and reactive maintenance regimes are vital. Here’s how we pay close attention to both aspects here at Easilift Loading Systems.
We want to make sure you get the right level of preventative maintenance cover for your business.  Our Change Parts In Time (CPIT) programme is purposely geared towards this.  The programme replaces components with known life expectancies during service rather than waiting for them to fail, which in turn means your business will remain more operational, efficient and safe. 
If you want to reduce the likelihood of premature component or product failure whilst avoiding significant financial outlay for expensive reactive repairs or replacement parts then you need an Easilift Loading Systems Service Agreement. 
But don’t just take our word for it….
With the average breakdown call out cost nearing £300 a time,  and the operating cost of a 44 tonne lorry at approximately 1£90 per hour (more if it is refrigerated),  it doesn’t take a genius to work out how ‘prevention is better than cure’!
Of course not all call outs are for preventable breakdown in parts, many are due to damage or operator error for example.  However, for one multisite national supermarket chain now with a bi-annual Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) agreement with us, we have managed to significantly reduce their call out charges and in turn their operating costs.
The graph shows that prior to the Planned Preventative Maintenance visits being introduced call outs were regularly going above 20 per month for a similar time period.  However, after each service, where checks, repairs, and replacements were carried out under the maintenance agreement the call outs significantly reduced. 
This is why we offer a 5 year, no quibble, extended warranty on all our new equipment.  In the unlikely event of component failure or malfunction, our engineers will attend site and replace the problem item at NO CHARGE to you for parts or labour.
No Service Agreement in place?
As an alternative to our service agreement we also provide the highest standards of reactive maintenance for your loading bays whenever you need us, including your industrial doors, lifting platforms, dock levellers and loading bay accessories. Our fully trained service technicians are ready to respond on a 24/7/365 basis, wherever you are in the UK and with vans boasting a full stock of tools, equipment and spare parts. 
Our service is supported with up-to-the-minute Service Technician vehicle tracking for quickly locating the nearest technician to you, as well as mobile data transfer for sending information to technicians ahead of their arrival. The result is a high first-fix rate (currently at 86%) and the strongest track record for minimising loading bay downtime (we have a 95% customer satisfaction score).
That’s why you should look to work with a loading bay maintenance specialist – such as Easilift Loading Systems – that keeps an extensive network of highly trained and conveniently located service technicians in its direct employment. 
Helping you stay safe too
Loading bays are one of the most dangerous areas of the warehouse environment and we recommend a planned service maintenance programme to keep you operational but equally as important to keep you and your colleague’s safe and compliant at all times.  Having a planned service maintenance programme in place not only means minimal downtime on your loading bays but also a safer working environment for all, giving you total peace of mind.
Choose the company that takes care
When we say that ‘we take care’ of your business, we are very serious about it. We realise it is of critical importance to have an approach to loading bay maintenance that reduces risk to your business and keeps your equipment in the very best operating condition. 
Here at Easilift Loading Systems, we understand the importance of a disciplined maintenance regime which is why we are totally committed and organised to support both the preventative and reactive maintenance requirements of all our customer’s.
No matter what the nature and scale of your business is, Easilift Loading Systems can be trusted to continually help keep your supply chain moving by providing service offers to meet your needs.

Call us today on 0800 1601965 to book your FREE Loading Bay Maintenance inspection or fill in the ‘Request a call back’ option and we will be in touch to arrange this with you.

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