Safe, efficient and hygienic loading with a stepped dock

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Stepped dock leveller for efficient loading and unloading

Smooth transition between the dock and the truck is essential for any logistics company to ensure efficient and safe handling of goods during loading and unloading. The safe transportation of cargo without risking any equipment damage or injury is of utmost importance.

Traditional dock leveller versus stepped dock leveller

Traditional dock levellers often have a flat plate. This plate can move up and down to bridge the height difference between the dock and the truck. This design works well for trucks with a consistent height. But it can be problematic if different types of trucks and trailers are used. This is where the stepped dock leveller can provide a solution.

A stepped dock leveller consists of a series of raised platforms, also known as steps. These steps can be aligned with the floor of the truck. This creates a safe and stable loading zone. This allows the truck to dock with the doors closed. No unnecessary manoeuvres are required to raise the vehicle to the correct height. Once the truck is correctly positioned, the doors can be opened and loading and unloading can begin.

Advantages of the stepped dock leveller

The stepped dock leveller offers several benefits, one of which is enhanced worker safety. With the ability to dock the truck with its doors closed, there is a lower risk of accidents. Additionally, time is saved since the truck does not need to be raised to the appropriate height beforehand. This reduces the likelihood of delays and promotes a smoother flow of goods.

Another advantage of the stepped dock leveller is that it improves hygiene when transporting chilled or frozen goods. The closed doors ensure that the temperature inside the truck is maintained and that no external contaminants can enter, ensuring the quality and safety of the goods.

A stepped dock leveller is also ideal for customs purposes. When the doors of the truck need to remain closed until customs officials arrive, the truck can be docked and the doors kept closed. This not only prevents unauthorised access to the cargo, but also ensures that customs officials can do their work quickly and efficiently without unnecessary delays.

In addition to promoting worker safety and enhancing efficiency, a stepped dock leveller also aids in preventing theft and break-ins. With the doors closed during loading and unloading, it becomes more challenging for potential thieves to gain unnoticed access to the cargo.

Loading Systems' stepped dock can be configured to your specific needs

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