In what situations might you look to invest in our fire doors?

Submitted by T Bennett on Tue, 03/28/2023 - 16:55

It might seem to be a question that practically answers itself; after all, the whole point of investing in a fire door is surely to guard against the risk of fire spreading from one room of a building to another.

However, it is worth giving some thought to the specific circumstances in which you might be particularly likely to invest in a set of these specialised industrial doors – such in our range, encompasses such highly regarded products as our fire-rated overhead doors, sliding doors, and escape doors.


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Fire doors: a crucial investment for many firms, for more reasons than one


The central principle behind a fire door is to create a fire-resistant barrier between two areas of a building. Beyond that, however, there are various situations that might make the purchase and installation of these fire-oriented industrial doors a logical choice.

Your organisation might choose to have Loading Systems’ fire doors fitted to areas of its premises where there is an obvious elevated fire risk – such as in locations where flammable and environmentally hazardous substances are stored or processed.

Such settings as chemical plants, paint shops, and areas for wood and paper processing are also good examples of locations where it might seem almost foolhardy not to have a high-specification fire door installed. 
However, even at premises that might not seem to represent an escalated fire risk, or where there would appear to be plenty of chance to escape in the event of a fire breaking out, it might still make a lot of sense to install tough and durable fire doors like our own.

Public buildings and shopping centres, for instance, might seem to be places in which you would expect considerable physical space to enable a quick escape from danger.

But with these spaces also often being well-populated, it might be difficult for some users of such buildings to get away rapidly at moments of emergency. If this turns out to be the case on your own site in the event of a fire breaking out, you will be thankful for having had fire doors installed at such a location.


Talk to us about how we can equip your site with the ideal fire doors


Whether your organisation has been most driven to consider investment in fire doors due to circumstances like the above, or as a consequence of insurance requirements or the relevant rules and regulations for structural fire protection on your site, you will want to have the utmost confidence in the solutions you invest in.

So, why not reach out to the Loading Systems team today, for an in-depth discussion about the type and specification of industrial doors that is likely to represent the best match to your site? 

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