A quick guide to your options among our dock shelters

Submitted by T Bennett on Wed, 01/15/2020 - 15:23


The principal purpose of any dock shelter is to seal off the gaps between a docked vehicle and the loading bay. However, there are also so many more needs you will expect your premises’ dock shelters to serve, that you can make reality when you source yours from Easilift Loading Systems.

Our dock shelters all offer certain consistent characteristics, including pleasing aesthetics, a long lifespan, durability, the strongest possible protection for goods and effectiveness at reducing energy consumption and illness rates.

However, certain dock shelters of ours deliver superior performance in certain situations, which is why it is so important to carefully contemplate such various dock shelter types as the below.


Dock Shelters


Cushion dock shelter

If there is scarcely any difference between the dimensions of the vehicles that make up your organisation’s fleet, it may be our ‘standard’ cushion dock shelter that represents the best option for sealing off the openings between docked vehicles and the loading bay at your warehouse.

These dock shelters are renowned on account of the impeccable draught seals and insulation that they achieve time and time again, with their high-quality materials helping to ensure a remarkable level of wear resistance and robustness in the face of UV radiation or extreme temperatures.


Curtain dock shelter

When you still require a means of sealing off all of the openings around a vehicle but the vehicles that use your loading bay are of varying dimensions, a collapsible curtain dock shelter can represent a well-rounded and dependable solution.

These dock shelters comprise a robust hinged frame design that provides protection against damage for off-centred or too high vehicles. They also give you an uninterrupted and continuous seal, thereby preventing leakage, contamination or draughts.


Curtain dock shelter with special foam core

Warehouse premises can be presented with a particular challenge by vehicles that rise and lower over extreme distances. When you have invested a significant amount of money into your dock shelters, you won’t wish them to sustain damage from such vehicles.

Thankfully, our curtain dock shelters with a special foam core are designed to protect your building in the event of a vehicle colliding with your loading bay. Instead of a hinged frame, they incorporate a frame made of cushions with a special foam core and an automatically lifting roof section.


Inflatable dock shelter

Our inflatable dock shelter is another astute choice for premises where vehicles can vary greatly in size.

Two versions of this dock shelter are available – a front projection and a built-in model. Both models feature cushions made of polyester trevira fabric, and are finished with an anodised aluminium frame. This dock shelter is also excellently resistant to all weather conditions.


Dock shelters will always play an integral role in the logistical process, which makes it all the more crucial to only specify the solutions that meet every one of your organisation’s most pressing requirements.

Get in touch with Easilift Loading Systems today by calling 0800 160 1965, and we can advise you on the best steps to take when investing in this vital piece of warehouse equipment.