Loading Systems VR experience

Are you ready for a breathtaking Virtual Reality experience?

If you are viewing this webpage, you are likely the proud owner of special Loading Systems Virtual Reality glasses. If not,  send us a message! Otherwise, be sure to open the wrapping of the glasses and start folding your cardboard VR glasses! 

After you are done, open this webpage on your smartphone and click one of the links below. Don't want to type this web address in your smartphone its browser? On the inside of the glasses its lid, you will find a QR code that links directly to this page! So you will always have a direct link to your favourite immersive VR view!

Once you opened one of the views, place your smartphone on the micro-suction pad and become one with the world of BIM!

Be sure to check this webpage occasionally, we will post new views! 

Project: Loading Systems BIM experience #01

We designed the following building to give you a look inside the world of BIM.

Outside experience

Inside experience

Option 3

Click one of the buttons to open the VR experience.