Lifting Platforms For Double Deck Trailers

Submitted by A Munt on Wed, 02/21/2018 - 12:06

Give your company a lift in more ways than one.

Double deck trailers are widely used in distribution channels, not least because their carrying capacities can greatly exceed those of single deck trailers. This means that their number and frequency of deliveries can be reduced, which can, in turn, lower operational costs.

However, double deck trailers need a platform that can be lifted up to the upper deck's height while remaining capable of holding a large quantity or weight of items.

Here at Easilift Loading Systems, we offer various types of lifting platforms. These can bridge significant height gaps between a yard's ground and a vehicle bed; however, it is our double deck lifts to which you should pay particular attention if your firm routinely relies on double deck trailers.

With one of our double deck lifts, you can overcome an otherwise problematic disparity between an internal warehouse's floor level and the height of a double deck trailer's upper deck.


Reap major returns from our double deck lifts

You can have faith in the performance and reliability of our double deck lifts, as they have been carefully assembled by a leading European maker of lifting table solutions. Furthermore, whatever your company's exact requirements, double deck lifts can be manufactured on a bespoke basis to meet them.

Tesco is one of the many major companies for which we have provided double deck lifting platforms. We have helped the retail giant to take its distribution routines to the next level by handling the installation of 40 double deck lifts, all contained by external loading pods.

Following the project's completion, Duncan Robertson, then Development Project Manager at Tesco, enthused that:

"Easilift has met our requirements every step of the way" – and we have the utmost confidence that we will be able to do the same for your own firm.”  


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