Largest Distribution Centre in UK

Submitted by A Munt on Mon, 04/16/2018 - 16:46

With a price tag of £55m, and the creation of over 500 jobs, Easilift Loading Systems was proud to have played a key role in the creation of one of the UK’s largest and most innovative distribution centres on the outskirts of Doncaster.

The 690,000sqft distribution centre was built around a steel-framed multi-span portal frame, which measures up to 380 meters in length. The building also has a four-storey office block, as well as a conveyor link bridge to connect the new warehouse with Next’s existing warehouse on site.


“The bridge will be a four span 120 metre long structure formed with a series of trusses to accommodate the double deck configuration. The lower deck will feature conveyor belts for transporting goods and the upper deck will be a pedestrian thoroughfare for staff.”


Materials storage will be handled by a fully automated storage and retrieval system provided by Efacec with track guided remote guided vehicles (RGV’s) being used extensively for product distribution around the facility and across the new double level link bridge to the existing facility.

In addition to the RGV and ASRS cranes, vehicle loading cranes were provided (a first in the UK) to manage the loading and unloading of product from the NEXT vehicle fleet.

Easilift Loading Systems’ provided the internal and external Industrial Doors to enable the cranes to move between the docked vehicle straight into the distribution centre to speed up the unloading system.

Easilift Loading Systems  also provided NEXT with 40 loading bays each equipped with a Vehicle Restraint System to prevent premature vehicle “drive off” which reduces the risk of accidents or fatalities on and around the loading bay .

So if you are looking for an experienced company to project manage your new loading bay or industrial door requirements then look no further than Easilift Loading Systems.

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