Keep Your Goods SAFE and Clean with Dock Shelters

Submitted by A Munt on Wed, 02/08/2017 - 14:07

Enhance your company's workplace

By using dock shelters on your loading bays you could enhance your company’s performance and workplace environment for everyone working in the loading bay area. Here at Easilift Loading Systems we offer a wide range of dock shelters for use in industrial settings.  Our dock shelters serve more than just the most rudimentary purposes - so what else can they do for your organisation?


Keep your goods SAFE and clean

Stable and durable dock shelters can keep your goods safe and clean from external contaminants by providing optimum sealing between your building and vehicles. The primary purpose of dock shelters is to provide an effective seal between internal and external areas. This means that your goods won't be blighted by contamination.


Reduce accidents

Rain combined with wind can make the interior spaces of your loading bay unsafely wet and slippery creating hazardous conditions and H&S issues. Our dock shelters can help to protect you and your workers against any potential accidents.


Save energy and MONEY

Correctly specified dock shelters can minimise how much heat or cold is lost when the door is open during docking. By installing effective dock shelters you create a more stable warehouse temperature that significantly reduces energy consumption by as much as 50%.

Reducing your company's carbon footprint is not only good for the planet - it can also help your business to save money on its energy bills.


Minimise worker illness 

A draft free and stable warehouse temperature helps to create the ideal working environment in which your employee’s performance excels. An unstable or rapidly changing temperature in the warehouse leads to reduced performance and even absence due to illness. In both cases your company and your employees are suffering. Correctly specified dock shelters help to create the ideal working environment by increasing performance and reducing employee illnesses.


You can choose from a variety of dock shelters

Different types of vehicles?  No problem, we offer a range of dock shelters for meeting the requirements that arise with the different types of vehicles you may use. These shelters include cushion dock shelters, collapsible curtain dock shelters and inflatable dock shelters - and you can read much more about all of them here:

Contact a member of the Easilift Loading Systems team for more information about how our dock shelters can improve your organisation and to find out just how affordable they can be.

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