Industry Leaders in Loading Bay Equipment

Submitted by A Munt on Wed, 05/10/2017 - 10:47

When your company is looking for a market leader in loading bay equipment, then Easilift Loading Systems should be your first port of call.

We are award winners in the design, manufacture and installation of loading bay equipment and can offer bespoke products as well as standard requirements.  We also offer a variety of comprehensive and proactive maintenance service packages for all the equipment we install.


Wide Product Range

When you need loading bay essentials such as industrial doors, lifting platforms, dock shelters, dock-levellers and ancillaries, then our extensive range of products offers a complete programme of options to suit your needs.

You can expect nothing less from us than the very highest standards of safety and efficiency of loading bay equipment. All our products comply with the European Machinery Directive Guidelines and are CE-marked.  

Our dock levellers efficiently bridge the difference in height between the warehouse floor and the vehicle. You may specify our dock levellers in a wide range of standard dimensions or capacities, or they can also be built bespoke in accordance with your most demanding requirements. 

We are also known for our exceptionally durable and easy to maintain lifting platforms, incorporating the most high-quality materials and components to guarantee performance in the harshest of environments.

If space restrictions in your warehouse is a problem then our dock-houses are another speciality of ours, representing a highly economically and attractive alternative to a traditional dock leveller. With only a minimum of structural factors needing to be considered, they are a good choice for expanding existing warehouse space by locating the loading bay outside of the warehouse building. 


Talk to us about our excellent service programme

We have been a supplier of loading bay equipment for more than 60 years, guided by an overriding ethos that can be summed up in three words: “We take care.”

Our complete service programme helps to ensure that your organisation not only invests in the right loading bay equipment for your specific needs, but we also ensure that you maximise your loading bay up-time and at the same time increase the asset lifetime.


Contact us now on 0800 160 1965 to discuss how we can cater to your most specialised needs.